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Fan Reaction to the Premiere of MBC's New Fantasy Sageuk Drama, "The Night Watchman"

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MBC's new Monday-Tuesday drama, "The Night Watchman," premiered yesterday night to much interest in its unusual story-line and visual  portrayal of a ghost-ridden  fantasy world. The first episode topped the viewership ratings for its time-slot, beating out SBS' "Temptation" and KBS' "Trot Lovers" (read more about it here). 

"The Night Watchman" stars Jung Il Woo, TVXQ's Yunho, Go Sung Hee, and Seo Ye Ji in a historical fantasy piece, set in the Joseon era. The first episode portrays the childhood of Prince Lee Rin, who is played by Jung Il Woo as an adult. It sets up the supernatural world of Lee Rin, where magic, masked tribesmen, ghosts, and dragons terrorize the land.

With plenty of CG, flamboyant costumes, and bulging eyes of terror, "The Night Watchman" generated some hilarious and snarky comments in the Twitterverse, as well as remarks of anticipation for future episodes. Let's see how some K-drama fans responded to the premiere of #NightWatchman.

 @JungYunWhore might not be alive in the future.

#NightWatchman gets an A+ from me!!! I thoroughly enjoyed that first episode and that's without Yunho. I think I will die with Yunho...

— 女王の雌犬 (@JungYunWhore) August 5, 2014

@kristalshav could barely wait for the drama to finish

I'm bored. Just ten more minutes.... #NightWatchman

— Kristal (@kristalshay) August 5, 2014

@Aishiterubkaka found the CG adequate

Good thing CGI effects are not terribly bad .. but no Il Woo in this ep, hopefully tomorrow! #NightWatchman

— Abee-chan (@Aishiterubaka) August 5, 2014

While others, like @JeliesS wished more money was spent on the costumes.

That mask looks like it was found in the punch bowl at the end of the office Halloween party. #NightWatchman

— Jilly (@JeliesS) August 5, 2014


@muchadoboutlove was apprehensive about watching a drama with ghosts

I survived through the ghosts of Master's Sun so I think I will be okay with #NightWatchman's ghosts.

— mimi (@muchadoboutlove) August 4, 2014

While @OrionsRambling forgot she was watching a drama

The latest L'Oreal commercial. #NightWatchman #야경꾼일지 pic.twitter.com/y4q0VFuJpp

— Orion (@OrionsRamblings) August 4, 2014

The hair continued to fascinate...

Proof that Pantene Pro-V existed even in the Joseon dynasty, and it is therefore immortal. #야경꾼일지

— 조폭고양이 (@Temujin4Prez) August 5, 2014

And we hope episode two does too! 

The second episode of "The Night Watchman" airs tonight on MBC, 10 p.m.

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