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g.o.d Member Son Ho Young to Release a Solo Album in September

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Son Ho Young, a member of the first generation idol group, g.o.d., have officially began preparations to release his solo album in September after experiencing many difficulties.

On August 4, according to Son Ho Young’s agency, MMO Entertainment, Son Ho Young is planning on releasing his album at the end of September and is busy looking over songs. It has been three years since the release of his mini album, “U-Turn,” which was released in 2011.

This solo album holds a different meaning for Son Ho Young since they had to push the release date two times. He was planning on releasing it during the summer of last year and six months before the release, he stopped appearing on variety shows so that he can focus on his album. However, because of the shocking news of his girlfriend at the time, he had to push the release date.

With the support and encouragement from the people around him, he managed to control his feelings and overcome his pains. Although he planned on releasing the album during the beginning of this year, it interfered with g.o.d.’s comeback date so he had to push it back again. g.o.d.’s album was supposed to release during January but as they pushed the date, Son Ho Young’s album was pushed back as well.

Since the release date of his album was pushed back twice, it’s meaningful and he is prepared for it. He has expressed his motivation for his solo album since it’s the first album he released after the success of g.o.d.’s comeback.

According to an official of MMO Entertainment, they revealed that, “It’s an album that’s being released after it’s been pushed back twice. It will hold a lot of meaning since it’s an album that’s being released after he experienced painful and happy moments. Even though he’s participating in g.o.d.’s tour, he’s working very hard on his album.”

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