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Kim C Ends His 13-Year Marriage

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It has belatedly become known that Kim C has divorced his wife of 13 years.

A representative of Kim C’s management agency, DEE Company, confirmed that “It is true that Kim C has divorced his wife. All of the legal procedures finished last year, but we do not know exactly when the divorce occurred. Since Kim C has an introverted personality, rumors didn’t spread, and we didn’t particularly take the action to reveal this to the public, either.”

The couple started experiencing separation rumors March of last year. According to a close acquaintance, Kim C’s wife, “Ms. Yoo” lived in Ilsan with their two kids while Kim C lived in his own residence near his music studio at the time of these rumors.

kim C

Kim C has been a member of the group Hot Potato with bassist Ko Bum Joon since 1997. In 2000, he released his first album “Butterfly.” He was an original member of the first season of “1 Night 2 Days” until 2010, when he left the show and went to Germany for a while to work on his music. When he returned, he made a guest appearance on the “Introducing to You My Ugly Friend” special of “Infinity Challenge.” Right now he is the radio DJ of “Kim C’s Music Show.”

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