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Taiwanese Star Jeffrey Kung Chooses After School's Nana Over Jun Ji Hyun on "Roommate"

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Taiwanese artist Jeffrey Kung has shown his affection towards After School's Nana by choosing her as the prettiest celebrity over top actress Jun Ji Hyun.

On the August 3 episode of SBS' "Roommate," the cast members celebrated their 100th day anniversary by dividing up into two teams and heading abroad. One of the teams headed for Osaka, Japan, and the other traveled to Taipei, Taiwan.

While in Taiwan, Jo Se Ho and Nana got the chance to meet local pop star Jeffrey Kung. The meeting was set up through the employees of Nana's agency who had contacts in Taiwan.

As the three gathered for a casual meeting, Jeffrey Kung revealed that he likes Nana best out of the After School members. Hearing this, Nana could not hold back her smile, and she thanked the star for his sweet confession.

Jeffrey Kung continued by saying how "My Love From the Star" has been a great hit in Taiwan, and Jo Se Ho used the opportunity to ask him, "Who is prettier: Jun Ji Hyun or Nana?

"Nana is more beautiful than Jun Ji Hyun," the Taiwanese singer said, causing Jo Se Ho to feel jealous over Jeffrey Kung stealing Nana's attention, while Nana happily shook hands with the singer.나나_룸메이트14

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