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MC Mong Rumored to Possibly Return to TV, PD Nah Young Suk Denies

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Earlier today, a news outlet reported that MC Mong will be returning to television with producer Nah Young Suk

This news source claimed that MC Mong was in talks with producer Nah in coming back to variety television, and that he will soon appear in a new tvN variety program sometime at the end of this year or early next year. MC Mong is planning on releasing a new album in the fall but will have difficulty promoting it on music shows due to being banned on major television networks for draft dodging. The news outlet stated that due to difficulty with promoting, MC Mong will likely turn to variety shows on cable television to promote.

However, Producer Nah Young Suk released a statement denying these rumors. He said, "It is true that the members of '1 Night 2 Days' still meet from time to time, and I have said 'let's all try something together again'." However, he also added, "but we never talked about specific programs. MC Mong in particular, since he is not active as a celebrity at the moment, I've never had the reason to suggest ideas." 

Representative of MC Mong made a short response, saying "MC Mong is in the USA and cannot be reached. He is busy preparing his next album."

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