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Director Lee Seok Hoon Found Working With Sulli On "Pirates" to Be a Pleasure

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Lee Seok Hoon (42) recently gave an interview about his experience in creating the 2014 blockbuster “Pirates,” in which he expressed his thoughts about f(x)'s Sulli's casting in the film as the female heroine's right hand woman and youngest in the crew of pirates.

The veteran director admitted that her inclusion in the cast came as a surprise. Although the singer does not have a great deal of acting experience, her pleasant energy won her the chance to play this role. Director Lee was initially concerned that an idol was not a good choice, but once he worked with Sulli that worry disappeared.

“There were many different opinions as to Sulli's casting. I initially wanted someone like Ra Miran, but in the end I was persuaded to give her a chance. It's not important now, but even though I didn't have any thoughts of casting Sulli I received a call from her manager. We spoke with each other frankly. I told him that the character has a less than ideal personality and also because there are so many actors participating in this film, it might be hard to match Sulli's schedule. Even so, Sulli was insistent on trying out for the role. The staff also really liked her,” he laughed, “It was too hard for me to disappoint them, and once I saw how motivated Sulli was, I decided that we should do this movie together. It is hard to predict what the audience's opinion will be, but I think they will find her hardworking and modest,” the director said.

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