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Go Ara is So Busy That She Naps During Filming

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Popular actress Go Ara has been caught napping while in the studio!

On July 31, Go Ara tweeted “Ack^^;; I got busted... hehe,” and uploaded a photo of herself catching some Zs in an unexpected location.

In the photo, Go Ara is closing her eyes and leaning her head on her hands while in the midst of filming a pictorial. The staff bustles around her, busily setting up the lights. Her apparent embarrassment at falling asleep while on the job is particularly humorous and endearing.

In other news, Go Ara has received praise for her role as “Eo Soo Seon” in the SBS drama “You're All Surrounded.” She is currently taking a break from acting as she considers her next project.

Go Ara 1

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