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Kim Soo Yeon of Bubble Sisters to Get Married

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The wedding bells are ringing for Kim Soo Yeon, a member of the vocal group Bubble Sisters.

Kim Soo Yeon will be marrying at a wedding hall located in Seoul on November 7 at 5:30 PM. The groom is an entrepreneur running an inter design company. A representative in the music industry stated "The two have been dating for several years and have deep affection and trust for each other.  Their personalities and interests align well, so their relationship naturally went towards marriage."

Both families already knew that both of them were dating, and both families got together for their first meeting and have been in contact ever since. After receiving permission from both families, Kim Soo Yeon and her fiance chose a date.

Kim Soo Yeon is from the vocal group Bubble Sister, which debuted in 2003 and became one of the female power vocal groups that received attention along with Big Mama. Her godmother is Yoon Hee Jung, a musician in the jazz industry. After participating in promotions for Bubble Sisters' first album, Kim Soo Yeon left the group in 2005 to be a solo singer and a songwriter. She regularly participated in Yoon Hee Jung's jazz concerts and participated in the music band Compassion Band, a band under Korea Compassion, which is an organization that nurtures children.


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