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BEAST's Junhyung Kindly Expresses Discontent Towards His Hacker

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BEAST's Yong Junhyung posted on his Twitter, "I finally found my account. Please stop hacking me" which was a message to whoever kept hacking the singer's SNS account. 

Along with Junyung, other celebrities have had their SNS accounts hacked before. Super Junior's Eunhyuk's hacking incident which happened last year gained a lot of attention.

With so many hacking incidents, it seems like celebrities need to be extra careful with their SNS accounts.

As for Junhyung, he is becoming the main man for many singers' music videos. Recently, he appeared in Megan Lee's debut single "8dayz," but before that he also appeared in Lee Seung Hwan's song "I Feel On You," in Eru's "I Hate You," Lyn's "Breakable Heart," Baek Ji Young's "Good Boy" and Natthew's "She's Bad." 

Yong Joon Hyung's response to hacker

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