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5 K-Drama Actors Having a Worse Day Than You

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Happy Monday! As we start off the week groaning and moaning, here's a short reminder that it could be worse. Just be happy you aren't these K-drama actors.

Ever been slapped by kimchi? Well, be happy you aren't actor Won Ki Joon in "Everybody Kimchi." 

kimchi slap

Or Hyun Bin, who has a whole meal spit onto his face in "My Name Is Kim Sam Soon." Hyun Bin kim sam soon

Or Yoo Jae Suk, who lost his pants on national TV for "Running Man." running man yoo jae suk pants 1

And his towel too.

running man yoo jae suk pants 2

Or Park Dong Bin, who just heard some very shocking news on "We Must Have Loved."

Or Hong Kyung In, who picked on the wrong "village idiot" in Kim Soo Hyun's "Secretly, Greatly." kim soo hyun secretly greatly punch

Happy Monday, Soompiers!

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