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Comedic Behind the Scene Stills of the Upcoming film, “Pirates,” Revealed

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The behind the scene stills of the upcoming film, “Pirates,” have been revealed.

Many have high expectations for this film as it’s been rated for ages 12 and up and it’s a film that anyone can enjoy. As many are expecting this to be an enjoyable film, the behind the scene stills are enjoyable as well.

Despite of the hardships they encountered during the hot and cold weather, the smiles on the actors’ faces didn’t disappear. They filmed the movie 100 times within the span of six months and despite of the hardship, there’s a reason the actors were able to endure it. Most of the scenes were filmed on the ocean and Byeokran Island was the second most filmed location. In the stills, actress Son Ye Jin, f(x)’s Sulli, Shin Jung Geun and Lee Yi Kyung are filled with smiles on their faces, creating a friendly atmosphere.

Whether it’s taken in the mountains or on the ocean, the 10 bandits helped create a fun and friendly atmosphere as they’re seen bunched up together while wearing sunglasses. Through this, it shows the loyalty they have for each other. Not only that, but actors Kim Nam Gil, Son Ye Jin, Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Tae Woo, Oh Dal Soo, Sulli, Lee Yi Kyung and Lee Kyung Young’s cheerful atmosphere can be seen within the film as well. Through the funny behind the cut scenes, it helped “Pirates” to develop into a film that will make anyone laugh throughout the movie.

“Pirates” is an adventure blockbuster film about a group of pirates and bandits that fights to catch a gray whale that swallowed a royal seal. Actors Kim Nam Gil, Son Ye Jin, Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Kyung Young, Oh Dal Soo, Kim Tae Woo, Park Chul Min, Shin Jung Geun, Kim Won Hae, Jo Dal Hwan, Jo Hee Bong, Jung Sung Hwa, f(x)’s Sulli and Lee Yi Kyung will be appearing in the film.

“Pirates” will be released on August 6.


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