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Lee Je Hoon Picks "Detective Hong Gil Dong" as His Comeback Project

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Actor Lee Je Hoon has already announced his comeback project only a day after being discharged from his mandatory military service. 

His first acting project after his military service is the upcoming film "Detective Hong Gil Dong". It will be a hybrid film that fuses the famous Korean folktale of Hong Gil Dong with the detective genre. It will be directed by director Jo Sung Hee, known for directing blockbuster hit "A Werewolf Boy". 

After series of critically acclaimed movies like "Bleak Night" and "Architecture 101", Lee Je Hoon enlisted for his military service in October of 2010, serving his time at the police department. 

Lee Je Hoon's awaited comeback film "Detective Hong Gil Dong" will begin shooting in November. The release date has yet to be set. 

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