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Actor Kim Nam Gil Explains How the Failure of “Shark” Influenced Him Positively

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Actor Kim Nam Gil explained how the failure of his previous work had a positive effect on him.

In the upcoming blockbuster film, “Pirates,” he plays the role of Jang Sa Jung, who is the leader of the bandits. On July 24, he sat down with TV Report and in an interview with them, he said, “I experienced a slump when KBS2’s ‘Shark’ didn’t receive a lot of love.”

He continued to explain regarding his previous statement by saying, “While filming ‘Shark,’ I fell into an acting dilemma. I was scared of acting, so I even thought about quitting. It was up to the point where I thought my career as an actor wasn’t right for me. At that time, I think I failed in acting. Although I was in a slump, the people around me were gloomy as well and encouraged me.”

Kim Nam Gil also said, “During that situation, I tried to think positively. I tried to create a light image of myself so that’s why I chose ‘Pirates.’ I wanted to make up for my failure and I also wanted to approach the viewers a bit more comfortably. When walking on a solid road, if you slip, then you experience a big risk. In the end, these failures became a medicine for me and it gave me a chance to look back at myself.”

“Pirates” is an adventure blockbuster film about a group of pirates and bandits that fights to catch a gray whale that swallowed a royal seal. Actors Kim Nam Gil, Son Ye Jin, Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Tae Woo, Park Chul Min, Shin Jung Geun, f(x)’s Sulli, Jo Dal Hwan, Jung Sung Hwa, Ahn Nae Sang, Oh Dal Soo, and Kim Won Hae will be appearing.

“Pirates” will be released on August 6.

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