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"Pirates" Actress Son Ye Jin Reveals Her Love For Hidden Camera Pranks

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Actress Son Ye Jin recently confessed her love for hidden camera pranks. The talented actress let it be known that she also had a mischievous and playful side to her. 

On July 23, Son Ye Jin and her fellow co-stars Kim Nam Gil, Lee Gyeung Young, Yu Hae Jin and Kim Tae Woo from upcoming film, “Pirates,” as well as the director gathered at a restaurant somewhere in Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul for a press forum. 

On that day, Son Ye Jin was asked, “Why do you love hidden camera pranks so much?” to which she replied, “I’ve loved them since I was a kid in school. Hidden camera pranks were my addiction.” 

Son Ye Jin had recently teamed up with Jung Il woo to fool her members with a hidden camera prank in the special edition of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” for the Brazil Fifa World Cup. 

She continued, “(Jung) Il woo lacks a sense for these sort of things. He’s kind, innocent and overflows with passion for his work but for hidden cameras to work you need to be able to penetrate the minds of others. I am full of mischief. I love playing games and fooling other people.” 

She added, “If there are a lot of people gathered, I tend to start hidden camera pranks by telling people, ‘You’re going to play this role. You’re going to play that role.’ Even back in college, I used to be involved in them when we would go on MT trips. However, we were unable to try any hidden camera pranks while filming, ‘Pirates.’ We just didn’t have the time.” 

"Pirates" is set to hit theaters on August 6! Check out the trailer for the film, "Pirates" here

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