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Kim Gura, Defconn, and Kwanghee Become Secretaries in "In Bed with Boss"

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Variety show favorites Kim Gura, Defconn, and ZE:A's Kwanghee will take on a new challenge and become secretaries in the JTBC variety program, "In Bed with the Boss." (tentative English title for "보스와의 동침")

In the program's official poster that was revealed, the three men look dapper in tuxedos and wear a serious, no-nonsense expression on their faces--all while holding colorful brooms and other cleaning materials.

In the variety show, "In Bed with the Boss," Kim Gura, Defconn, and Kwanghee will spend two days and one night with the leaders and movers and shakers of Korea, giving viewers a peep into their lives and their secret to success.

Seoul City Mayor Park Won Soon appears as the first guest on the premiere episode of "In Bed with the Boss." The Seoul City Mayor will spend two days and one night together with Kim Gura, Defconn, and Kwanghee and show his natural self on television.

The new JTBC show "In Bed with the Boss" will air its first episode on July 26, 8:25 p.m. (KST)

Kim Gura, Defconn, Kwanghee In Bed with the Boss

See the 1st episode's trailer here! 

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