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Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Are Expecting Their Second Child

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Acting couple Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young are expecting their second child.

One Korean entertainment media source reported "Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young are expecting their second child during their six years of marriage. Son Tae Young has been pregnant for 11 weeks, so the expected birth date for the second child is next February."

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young married in September 2008 and had their child, Luke, in February 2009. The couple let it known that they are very happy after receiving news that they'll be having their second child after five years.

According to the media source, Luke decided on the fetus name for the second child, which is "Heart."

Meanwhile, Kwon Sang Woo plays the lead role in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama "Temptation" that premiered last week. Son Tae Young has promotions for the Chinese movie "Emotions of War" ahead of her, but she is focused on prenatal education as she is in the beginning of her pregnancy.

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