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Actress Lee Yeol Eum Shows Tears During the Interview of “High School King”

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On July 21, at CJ E&M’s studio, an interview of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama, “High School King” was held where actress Lee Yeol Eum suddenly cried during the interview.

During the interview, Lee Yeol Eum was asked, “Isn’t it lonely playing the character that has a crush on Seo In Guk?” She answered by saying, “Honestly, I thought it would be lonely…” and suddenly cried while answering.

Actress Lee Hana continued to answer by saying, “Just the other day, we filmed a crying scene and an emotional scene. I think the emotions she felt during the filming hasn’t subsided so that’s why she’s crying,” encouraging Lee Yeol Eum.

Seo In Guk also encouraged the actress and said, “There’s no reason to worry because actually, Lee Yeol Eum expressed that she wished Lee Hana was her older sister. In that sense, when Lee Hana takes the lead, it feels comfortable.”

Meanwhile, “High School King” is a story about a high school student who becomes the director of a large company at a young age. it’s a comedic, office drama and it’s being aired every Monday and Tuesday. For US and Canada viewers, you can find it here exclusively at KDrama.com.

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