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B1A4's Leader Jinyoung Surprises Members with a Group Vacation on "B1A4's One Fine Day"

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During a group's comeback period, the idols have less to no time for rest and B1A4's leader Jinyoung knows that very well. With this, he has thought of a brilliant idea that would make the group very happy--go on a vacation while they're not yet busy!

On the first episode of the new MBC variety show "B1A4's One Fine Day" aired on July 21, the group B1A4 has gathered together before they make their comeback. The group's leader, Jinyoung, made an urgent call to the members and told them to "gather together quick because there is an urgent matter to discuss."

However, once the members were gathered, Jinyoung was nowhere to be found. The members couldn't help but be confused in front of the producers because they didn't know what was happening. The members speculated whether it was because of problems regarding their comeback promotions or whether a member was to leave the group.

Finally, Jinyoung appeared. Sandeul then greeted him and called him "B1A4's Yoo Jae Suk" because Jinyoung gathered all the members together like how the MC would do in his variety shows.

After teasing the members a little about why they gathered together, Jinyoung then revealed that he got the group permission from their company to go on a vacation. "I got us a vacation. After consulting with the company, we're able to go on a vacation. Tell me where you want to go," Jinyoung surprised the members. The boys then looked up the places they want to go to and decided from there.

For the first time since they made their debut, B1A4 will have "B1A4's One Fine Day," a reality program wherein they will get to go on a vacation. Taking their turns behind the wheel, the boys started their trip in Tongyeong going to Geoje and then Jeollanam-do.

Get to join the boys of B1A4 on their journey in "B1A4's One Fine Day" aired every Monday, 6 p.m. (KST) on MBC Music beginning July 21 until September 8.

 B1A4 One Fine Day

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