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Jung Hyung Dong and Defcon Transforms Into Producers Called, “Brave Double Tiger”

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Comedian Jung Hyung Don and rapper Defcon created a unit called, “Brave Double Tiger.”

On July 21, according to MBC Every1’s “Hyungdon & Daejoon’s Music Revelation,” Jung Hyung Don and Defcon will transform into a producer and create an idol group. They are planning on overseeing the songwriting process as well as the choreography and music video.

The members of their first project will be Yook Sungjae from BTOB, N and Hyuk from VIXX and Jackson from GOT7. During their first meting, Jung Hyung Don and Defcon informed that, “The concept of our project is strong and tough music.” In order to do this, they have picked members of each group who have the soft and boyfriend material images and are planning on transforming them into charismatic men.

Also, through this project, they said they are planning on creating a new music genre through a rebellious concept and witty music. The idol members have also shown confidence in their producer, “Brave Double Tiger,” and have shown great interest in the project group.

Meanwhile, the first episode of “Hyungdon & Daejoon’s Music Revelation” will be aired on July 29.

Until then, you can check out the stills from the show below!

hyungdon & daejoon

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