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Han Ji Min Talks About Enjoying The Present As Much As Possible In Recent Cosmopolitan Interview

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Actress Han Ji Min recently posed for the August issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine.

In one picture, dressed all in white, Han Ji Min looks lovelier than ever.

During the interview following the pictorial shooting, the actress talked about enjoying the present without worrying too much about the future or regretting something from the past. She also revealed that living with a positive attitude and being happy as much as possible is the best beauty tip. 

The actress has been busy since the start of 2014 by playing an adventurous musician "The Plan Man" and a fierce queen in the period film "The Fatal Encounter." After playing so many characters with a loving and calm personality, the last two movies she appeared in showed that the actress has much more to offer to the audience. 

Han Ji Min for Cosmo

Han Ji Min for Cosmo2

Han Ji Min for Cosmo3

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