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Lee Jun Ki Shows off His Japanese Ability

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The set of "The Joseon Gunman," which is the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama, revealed an on-location video of the secret of Lee Jun Ki's Japanese language ability, drawing attention of the viewers.

Lee Jun Ki's agency, Namoo Actors, posted a video on their official YouTube channel on July 18 under the title "Keep Up With Park Yoon Kang's Japanese."

The video depicts Lee Jun Ki's transformation from Park Yoon Kang into Hanjo. Due to Lee Jun Ki's passion and effort, he is able to perfectly play roles of Park Yoon Kang and Hanjo in the drama. As the drama is set in a historical time period, Lee Jun Ki isn't using modern Japanese, but an archaic form, so he had to learn the pronunciation and intonation of the language.

Call it "Juntail (Lee Jun Ki + detail)," but Lee Jun Ki researches every minute detail and practices hard. Lee Jun Ki even practices Japanese intonation with fellow actor Otani Ryohei during rest periods, writing on the floor while practicing. Meanwhile, at the end of the video, Lee Jun Ki introduces himself in Japanese with Otani Ryohei and messes around with him, showing a warm side and smiles to the camera.

Lee Jun Ki is giving an enthusiastic performance in "The Joseon Gunman," which takes place during a quickly changing era. The drama is an "emotional action romance" which depicts the process of Joseon's warrior becoming a gunman for the people.



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