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Shin Jung Hwan Settles Lawsuit from Aspiring Celeb's Mother for Taking 100 Million Won and Not Keeping Promise

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Entertainer Shin Jung Hwan, who left the Korean entertainment industry some time ago due to gambling issues, recently had a lawsuit filed against him for accepting 100 million won from someone and not keeping the promise that he made.

According to a report made on July 16 by SBS’ “8pm News,” prior to Shin Jung Hwan’s illegal gambling charges and subsequent sentence, in 2010, he received money from a certain Ms. Lee, the mother of an aspiring entertainer, to help her son step foot into the industry. He first received 20 million won (approx. 19,300 USD) in person, and later received 80 million won (approx. 77,400 USD) through electronic transfer. In exchange for the money, Shin Jung Hwan had agreed to help the woman’s son get on television, in addition to bringing him on the show that Shin Jung Hwan himself was hosting.

However, a couple of months later, Shin Jung Hwan was caught gambling in the Philippines, and while Ms. Lee attempted to contact Shin Jung Hwan, the entertainer avoided communication due to the situation that he was in.

Soon after the lawsuit, it was reported on July 18 by Dispatch that, on July 17, a request was put in to drop charges. According to Dispatch, the involved parties reached an agreement. Shin Jung Hwan sought out Ms. Lee and gave her a sincere apology, explaining his situation and promising to return the money as soon as possible.

Shin Jung Hwan’s rep said, “There was no fraudulent intent. 100 million won was used for the album [for Ms. Lee’s son], and 25 million won was used for the production process. Because of various situations [gambling and Ms. Lee’s son going to the army], we weren’t able to finish producing the album. We believe that it is our duty to return the money.”

According to TV Report, it has been confirmed that a request was put in to drop charges. However, police sources said that the situation is still being investigated. On July 18, a source said, “The lawsuit has been dropped against Shin Jung Hwan. However, the question remains as to why she dropped the charges. We haven’t been able to get in contact with Ms. Lee; we need to confirm her reasoning for cancelling the lawsuit.”

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