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Singer Kim Bum Soo Becomes a Judge for “Superstar K6”

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Singer Kim Bum Soo will be joining Mnet’s “Superstar K6” as a judge, along with singers Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Jong Shin.

On July 17, Mnet revealed that, “Kim Bum Soo is famous for shaking the hearts of the listeners through his singing abilities and has confirmed to be the judge on the show.” This is the first time Kim Bum Soo joined an audition program as a judge.

Among the participants of the show, many have expressed that out of the many talented vocalists, Kim Bum Soo is one of the singer that many of them want to be like. His well-known songs, “I Miss You” and “Last Love” are the songs that many participants have sung on the show. Many are wondering what the singer will bring to the show as a judge with his unique singing abilities and witty comments.

Kim Bum Soo talked about his appearance on the show by saying, “I’ve received many offers to be the judge on audition shows but when I imagine myself judging someone, it’s very burdening and that’s why I declined. However, I saw how the staff was trying to communicate with the viewers and when I saw them working hard to make this upcoming season a success, I thought it would be good for me to accept.”

Continuing on, he said, “I understand, more than anyone, the feelings that an aspiring singer feels when they’re lost. It’s because I’ve experienced it myself.  I decided to become a judge on the show because I believe it’ll have a great meaning if I helped those participants find their potential.”

He explained how he will prepare for the show by saying, “I believe ‘Superstar K’ is the only place where people, who have the passion to sing can fulfill their dreams. I will find the hidden potential in the participants through my experience and background. I will become a judge that will help open up a potential path and give honest advices.”

The staff of the show said, “We believe Kim Bum Soo is the most fitting as a judge on the show. Through his talented singing abilities, we’re expecting him to find a new star that will touch the hearts of many through their singing.”

Meanwhile, “Superstar K6” have been accepting participants since March. They have visited 14 cities along with the Americas, Japan and the Philippines. They have completed the second round of elimination and are officially preparing to film the show. For this season, they have visited the most cities and had a variety of methods to participate.

The first episode of “Superstar K6” will be aired on August 22.

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