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"Daddy, Where Are We Going?" Yoon Min Soo and Family Enjoy Some Baseball in the States

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R&B singer Yoon Min Soo  of VIBE and his family took photos together in Minneapolis where the “2014 Major League All-Star Home Run Derby” took place.

On July 15, through the invitation of a major league official, the family attended the “2014 Major League All-Star Home Run Derby,” which  took place at a stadium in Minnesota, US. In one of the revealed pictures from the travel, the family looks tight-knit with their matching snapbacks and team jackets. Yoon Min Soo, his son, and his wife take on various cute poses, creating a lively atmosphere.

In another picture, Yoon Min Soo’s son, Yoon Hoo, is seen with face paint and sitting on his father’s lap while looking out into the stadium. The father-son pair seem like they were enjoying themselves as big smiles can be seen on their faces.

Yoon Min Soo and Yoon Hoo are currently appearing in the second season of the popular MBC variety show "Daddy,Where Are We Going?" earning a lot of affection from the public. Yoon Min Soo's wife does not appear on the show often as it focuses on the dad and child, and these pictures are receiving attention for showing the entire nuclear family together.

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