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Super Junior-M's Henry Surprises Mommy Fan at Variety Show "Hello Counselor"

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On the July 14 broadcast of the KBS 2TV variety program, "Hello Counselor," a mother who is a big fan of Super Junior-M's Henry had the biggest surprise of her life as the singer appeared right in front of her eyes.

On this episode of "Hello Counselor," a girl in her senior year of high school came to the show to share her concern about her mother who is a very big fan of Super Junior-M's Henry.

"Mom plays Henry's music video loudly from 6 a.m. in the morning. She also looks at Henry's picture and talks to it. She even named the coffee shop 'Henry.' She insists that she looks like Henry," the daughter shared.

To this, the mother, who was seated among the audience, said, "Henry is very cute and nice. I like it even when Henry is just talking. He's cute when he speaks in his poor Korean." When it was known that her daughter complains about not being able to make breakfast for her, the mother explained, "There's a lot of food sold around her school anyway."

The hosts talked more to the mother about her obsession about Henry and the mother revealed that she talks to Henry's photo on her phone. The hosts then flashed a photo of Henry on the screen and the mother talked to Henry as she would do all the time, until Henry really appeared behind her and brought the whole audience to a shock. The mother was very happy to see Henry.

Henry, who was happy that his fan came to the show, said that he's grateful to the mother. However, when asked what he'll say to the daughter, the singer was apologetic and said, "I'm sorry."

The mother shared that Henry is a big inspiration for her and helps make her happy. "About this time last year, my life was in a very difficult position and I wanted to give everything up. At that time, I heard the song 'Trap' and I gained some strength. I fell for him from then on. Whenever I feel difficulties, I look at and listen to Henry and I gain strength and think that I have to live," said the mother.

Henry Hello Counselor

Thanks to KK for the tip!

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