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Jun Ji Hyun's Kloud Beer CF Accused of Plagiarizing Gucci Ad

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Man from the Stars” actress Jun Ji Hyun has gotten caught in the middle of another controversy, this time with Kloud beer, for which she is an exclusive advertising model. There have been comparisons made between the recent Kloud commercial starring Jun Ji Hyun and a Gucci commercial with Blake Lively, bringing up questions of plagiarism.

In terms of time, the Gucci ad was released much earlier, on August 16 of last year, whereas Kloud released theirs just this past May.

The first point of similarity is the introduction of the commercials, which feature the actresses looking out of a window at a night cityscape. Also a point of contention is the outfit choice for the actresses. Both are wearing mermaid-style gold sequin dresses with a scooped back and long sleeves. Even their hair is the same; both are styled in long, flowing waves.

However, Daehong Communications, the company that produced the Kloud ad, has denied the implications of plagiarism. An official said to Dispatch on July 14, “The Kloud ad is purely a creative work. It’s not plagiarism or an homage of any sort. We never saw the Gucci commercial while we were working on our ad.”

They explained further that it’s simply a similarity that arose from similar themes. “Honestly, the setup for a female making her entrance into a party is usually pretty similar. The gold dress was chosen simply because it is a beer ad.”

Watch the two commercials below and let us know what you think.  Are the similarities coincidences or not?


jun ji hyun kloud

Kloud feat. Jun Ji Hyun

Gucci feat. Blake Lively

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