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g.o.d's Son Ho Young Being Investigated for Unauthorized Use of Narcotics, Agency Is Not Worried

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It was revealed on July 11 that g.o.d member Son Ho Young is being investigated for the unauthorized use of the psychotropic dug Zolpidem. 

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors office had summoned Son Ho Young last month on the suspicious of violating narcotic laws. Zolpidem is a drug used for the long-term treatment of insomnia, with side effects such as hallucination, and must be prescribed by a physician. According to prosecutors, after the suicide of his girlfriend Son Ho Young had taken multiple pills of Zolpidem (prescribed to a family member) as part of his suicide attempt in May of 2013. The forensics team had found evidence of the drug and had submitted it to the prosecutors office.

Son Ho Young's representatives responded to this news and told the press they were not concerned about the investigation. A representative said, "It is true that we received an investigation. However, although Son Ho Young had taken Zolpidem after the unfortunate incidents of last year, we have tested that he had not taken it since. Because he did not take additional doses, it was not a problem. This had all been wrapped up in March of this year, so we cannot understand why all of a sudden it is being additionally investigated."

Son Ho Young will be participating with the rest of his members for their comeback solo concert on July 12 and will speak directly to the press about the matter at the concert's press conference. 

g.o.d. will be holding a solo concert on July 12 and 13 for their recently released eighth album. 

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