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EXO Cover Group "EXO-T" Goes Beyond Just Covering

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Idol group EXO's popularity has gained them a lot of fans, and among them is the Thai cover group Millenium Boy, which recently changed their group name to EXO-T. The cover group became famous by covering EXO's famous dances and performances and having similar styles as the original group. However, in last night's broadcast of MNET's "Dirty Talk," they talked about how the Thai cover group is going overboard with their imitation of EXO.

EXO-T recently was talked about on various sns accounts due to their over-excessive imitation of EXO by going on television, holding fan signs, and at some point, even accepting gifts from their fans. The members of EXO-T also imitate and style themselves to look just like the real EXO members do. These various activities have led for people in Thailand to believe that they are the real EXO. Kim Gu Ra, one of the MCs of the show, even commented on the broadcast how big of a problem it is. 


Even in light of recent events with Kris leaving the group and with group member Baekhyun having a dating scandal with Girls Generation's Taeyeon, the Thai cover group imitated those as well. The one in charge of EXO-T's Baekhyun revealed that he is also dating someone, while EXO-T's Kris also left the group when the scandal regarding it came up.

The panel of the show was shocked on how EXO-T's imitation went beyond what normal cover groups do and even expressed how frustrating it might be for EXO's agency and the fans.


A few weeks ago, Millenium Boy shared a video apology and explanation for copying EXO's designs and logos. 

Here is one of their performances dancing to several of EXO's hits.  


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