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Korean Reggae Artist Skull Releases "Who Gives a S**t?" Teaser, All Five Music Videos to Be Rated 19+

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Skull is back, and he’s packing quite the punch. Earlier this week, the Korean reggae artist released a teaser for his song “DEH PON TOP,” giving fans an exciting taste of the first song from his new album.

He also released a partial tracklist, revealing the songs/track numbers that will have music videos – five in total, as well as some of the artists that he worked with, including Yoojin of The SeeYa and Yang Dong Geun.


Most shocking yet was his recently released 19+ teaser for his song “Who Gives a S**t?” which was shot at a club in Kingston, Jamaica, and shows Skull partying it up with the local women. The video is receiving a mixed reception, some saying that it’s promoting negative generalization of black women and Jamaican culture, and others saying that it’s simply dancehall, and that while it does not accurately representing all Jamaican women, the video accurately represents the dancehall culture, which is popular in Jamaica.

It was revealed that all of the videos to be released by Skull were rated 19+, much to the interest of the public, fans and non-fans alike. The five music videos from Skull's new album, which took roughly six months to shoot and edit, including teasers and behind-the-scenes videos, will be released at a music video viewing party, according to reports.

"DEH PON TOP" and "Who Gives a S**t?" will be released on July 17.

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