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Ace Song Ji Hyo Transforms Into Snow White on “Running Man”

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Actress Song Ji Hyo, also know as the “Ace” on “Running Man,” transformed into Snow White.

In the recent recording of SBS’s “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo became Snow White while the other members and the guest Ryu Seung Soo, transformed into the seven dwarves.

For this recording, they remade the fairy tail story to “Snow White’s Last Kiss,” race. Only through the kiss of a prince, Snow White will be able wake up and the competition between the dwarves begins in order to become a prince. From her usual image as the “Ace” of the show, she changed 180 degrees. She wore Snow White’s trademark red ribbon headband, a blue top and a yellow dress. Just like the Snow White in the fairy tail, “Snow White Ji Hyo” took a bite from an apple and fell asleep because of the witch’s curse.

As soon as Gary saw Song Ji Hyo as Snow White, he said, “Oh, I want to hurry up and become a prince and wake her up!”

Not only that, Song Ji Hyo acted like the beautiful princess in the story but also showed a clumsy side as well. Although she acted like an elegant princess on the outside, as a member of “Running Man,” she had a mission to fulfill. During filming, many people saw the members dressed up as Snow White and the seven dwarves and cheered them on. Song Ji Hyo said, “This kind of outfit is embarrassing,” and began the chase. Although the other members were embarrassed as well, they were so focused on the mission that it raised the heat of the competition.

The staff informed that, “Snow White is a fairy tail that everyone knows so we set that as the motive. We believe an exciting race will occur. Song Ji Hyo, who’s playing as the beautiful princess and the guest Ryu Seung Soo, will add on to the fun through their outstanding performance.”

This episode of “Running Man” will be aired on July 13.

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