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Pictures of C-Clown’s Kangjun On the Set of a Music Video Revealed

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 C-Clown’s Kangjun is receiving a lot of attention for a recently revealed teaser picture.

On July 7, in an online hallyu community, a fan that saw C-Clown filming a music video revealed a picture from the set.

In the revealed pictures, they wrote that they were an oversea fan and wrote, “I came to Korea just to see C-Clown. I met Kangjun by chance near the agency and asked for his autograph and he happily gave it to me.” The fan also revealed that they got the pictures from someone they knew and uploaded it.

An entertainment official said, “There are many times when popular boy group like TVXQ, Super Junior and EXO’s pictures of their everyday lives are uploaded on an online site. However, recently, we heard that there’s a hallyu community that uploads various pictures of different groups, including C-Clown.”

C-Clown’s agency Yedang Entertainment said, “The revealed pictures are pictures of C-Clown on the set of their music video. I don’t know how these pictures got leaked to the fans but we’re thankful for the attention they’ve received before their comeback. We will prepare well for their comeback so that they can show a good side of themselves.”

Meet Me” will be released on July 8 along with their new mini album.


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