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Daniel Henney Talks About Appearing On His First Reality Show in "1st Look"

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Actor Daniel Henney revealed his thoughts about filming his first travel reality program.

He did a photo shoot in Macao with “1st Look” magazine and talked about Channel CGV’s reality program, “Location,” that he will be appearing.

This is the first time Daniel Henney will be filming for his first reality program in Macao. He revealed that, “Reality programs aren’t easy. With the thought that I have to prepare a lot of things before the start of filming, I really got stressed. Honestly, even if it’s a reality program, I thought there would be a script and the staff would tell me things to say but I had nothing and they offered this to me. It was strange and I was shocked.”

At the question of, “Through ‘Location,’ we will be able to see new sides of Daniel Henney that we weren’t able to see before,” he said, “Through this program, the viewers will be able to see a more realistic and various sides of me. I am extremely an ordinary person. I like joking around with the people around me, playing around and the viewers will be able to see how much I enjoy everyday leisures.”

Also, Daniel Henney has visited many famous filming spots in Macao and said, “As I walked around Macao, I tried re-enacting famous movie scenes and tell the stories within those scenes and thought to myself, ‘I should really become an admirable actor.”

Meanwhile, Channel CGV’s “Location” is a reality program about traveling to movie sites and filming the behind the scene stories of those sites. The first episode will be aired on July 25.

Until then, you can check out the handsome actor's pictorials below!

daniel henney_1st look

daniel henney_1st look (3)

daniel henney_1st look (4)

daniel henney_1st look (5)

daniel henney_1st look (6)

daniel henney_1st look (7)

daniel henney_1st look (8)

daniel henney_1st look (9)

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