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Haru and Her Cousin Form a Girl Group and Sing “Let It Go” on “Superman Returns”

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On the July 6 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” Tablo took Haru and her cousin Ha Wool to a karaoke room, where the two girls formed their very own girl group duo and showcased their singing abilities.

During the episode, Haru’s cousin and uncle came over to visit Tablo’s home. It is known that Ha Wool is the daughter of Kang Hye Jung’s younger sister, Kang Hyun Jung, and is very close friends with Haru, who is the same age.

The two cousins’ formation of a girl group was not planned, but happened to come about when Haru and Ha Wool went with the two dads to a karaoke.

The girls chose to sing “Let It Go” and showed off their singing voices as they belted out the lyrics of the famous song to the best of their ability. Although they struggled a bit with the English lyrics, as soon as it was time for the chorus, Haru and Ha Wool confidently grabbed the microphones and sang it out. However, during the parts of the song that they didn’t know, they quickly turned over the microphone to their dads, creating laughter at the scene. It has been reported that the two dads couldn’t hold in their enthusiasm and proved to be hardcore ‘dad fans,’ as Tablo continued to compliment and encourage the girls.

After a while, Haru and Ha Wool even managed to gather a crowd of people outside of the karaoke room who stood and watched their cute performance.

You can watch Haru and Ha Wool’s adorable karaoke performance on the July 6 broadcast of “Superman Returns” on KBS.
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