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"Roommate" Shin Sung Woo Confesses to Having a Girlfriend

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Shin Sung Woo, also known as the loving mother and chef of "Roommate," has confessed to being in a serious relationship!

On the July 6 episode of SBS' "Roommate," the celebrity roommates had a guest over as Lee Dong Wook invited actor Lee Duk Hwa over to their humble home. 

As the members greeted the industry senior and got to know each other, Lee Duk Hwa asked Shin Sung Woo, "You have passed the time to get married, right? How about now?" and made the singer blush upon the sudden question about his private life.

Seeing his reaction, Lee Duk Hwa joked, "Don't get married," but Shin Sung Woo replied, "I am slowly thinking about it."

Lee Duk Hwa continued to ask, "Do you have a lover?" to which Shin Sung Woo answered, "Yes, I do," and confessed to being in a relationship. 

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