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EXO Gives a Tour of Their Dorm on "Happy Camp"

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In EXO's recent guesting at the Chinese variety program "Happy Camp," aside from some serious talk over hardships and friendships, the boys got to show the place that fans want to see the most--their dorm!

In this special sneak peek into the boys' dorm, the boys took turns manning the camera as they visit each of the rooms. Lay was the first one in charge of the camera and he visited Chen and Xiumin's room. Viewers got a glimpse of Chen and Xiumin's neat room which had stuffed toys on their beds. Regarding his stuffed toy, Chen said, "I really like it when I sleep with my stuffed toys." A wolf-printed bed sheet caught Lay's eyes and Xiumin explained that it was a gift from a fan on his birthday.

Tao was next to hold the camera and he showed the room where the boys work on their music. Lay played on his electronic keyboard while Baekhyun and Chanyeol were seen working on some beats. Seated on the bed beside Chanyeol and Baekhyun was D.O who was busy concentrating on watching a movie on his iPad.

Lay got the camera back and went to their closet space where he spotted Luhan fixing clothes.

Aside from showing a little of what happens in the boys' daily life inside the dorm, the tour also gave an insight on the boys' personality. Upon showing Xiumin's shoe rack, Chen commented, "Basing on hyung's personality, he really manages things well," as he panned the camera to a neatly stacked shoe collection while the other members' shoes were spread out on the floor.

Aside from shoes, the boys are also shown to collect other items. Suho showed off his manhwa collection and some action figures.

Finally, a glimpse of the boys' kitchen was shown. Tao shows their refrigerator where notes are posted. On a note written by Chen, it said, "EXO! Make sure you eat breakfast!"

EXO fans, what are the things you expected (and did not expect) to see in the boys' dorm?

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