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Taeyang Reclaims No. 1 Spot + f(x) and Other Artists Make Comebacks on M! Countdown

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After missing his chance for a triple crown last week, Taeyang reclaimed his spot at the top of the M! Countdown chart as he won first place again for his song "Eyes, Nose, Lips" on the 383rd episode of the show aired today, July 3.

Last week, Taeyang was in the running for a triple crown on the show however, BEAST was able to snag the top spot from Taeyang with their comeback song, "Good Luck" during the The two--BEAST and Taeyang--once again battled it out for the first place but Taeyang eventually came out as the winner, making it his third win on the show.

There were a number of comeback performances in today's episode including f(x), 100%, Hyomin, K.Will, Jung Joon Young, and Untouchable. For f(x)'s comeback performance, the group performed "Red Light" and "Milk." Hyomin, on the other hand, performed "Fake It" and "Nice Body." K. Will performed "Day 1" while 100% showed "U Beauty." Jung Joon Young performed "Teenager" while Untouchable performed "Take Out."

Other groups that performed on today's episode included: Gummy, J.Min, Boyfriend, TAHITI, AOA, MAMAMOO, GOT7, Bob Girls, and BIGFLO.

The show was hosted by Jung Joon Young and Ahn Jae Hyun. 

Check out Taeyang's winning performance for Eyes, Nose, Lips!

Taeyang's Winning Moment

PERFORMANCES: (not in particular order)

BEAST - Good Luck

Hyomin - Fake It + Nice Body

f(x) - Red Light + Milk

Tahiti - Oppa You're Mine

AOA - Short Hair

Boyfriend - Obsession

GOT7 - A

K.Will - Day 1

100% - U Beauty


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