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Gong Hyo Jin Undergoes Surgery for Ruptured ACL Following Last Month's Car Accident

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It has recently been revealed that actress Gong Hyo Jin had another surgery on June 30, this time on her knee for a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), following the car accident that she was involved in last month on June 19. Immediately following the car accident, the actress underwent surgery for an arm fracture, as well.

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Gong Hyo Jin Has Successful Surgery on Fractured Arm, Will Return to Filming After Recovery)

Gong Hyo Jin is currently in the hospital receiving treatment. One rep stated, “After the accident, she kept mentioning pain in her knee, and after a CT scan, we found out that her ACL had been ruptured. While she is currently filming for a drama ["It's Okay, It's Love"] that is set to air towards the end of this month, we decided to hurry with the surgery in consideration of her health.”

The actress’s schedule this week has been completely canceled, and she is recovering. On concerns regarding the drama’s first scheduled air date of July 23, the production said that there will be no problem. “Because we started filming for the drama early, we will have no problem airing the drama as scheduled.”

Previously, about a week after the accident, Gong Hyo Jin joined the drama set in Okinawa. She was wearing a cast on her left arm, but the script was adjusted to account for the injury, and she went ahead with filming. While it will take several months for complete recovery from her ruptured ACL, she will be continuing to film within her ability to do so.

The representative said, “Luckily she is recovering quickly. In consideration of her condition, we will not be giving her a rigorous schedule. The schedules prior to the airing of the drama such as press conferences will be held as planned.”

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