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Tablo to Cover Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips"

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Epik High's Tablo will be covering Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips."

YG Entertainment posted the image of Tablo's cover of "Eyes, Nose, Lips" on its official website on June 24 at 4 PM. In the black and white image, Tablo is sitting alone on a chair while doing a pose that gives off a lonely feeling. He is artist of the YG's cover project.

Tablo wrote the lyrics over DJ Tukutz's remix of Taeyang's original song, and listeners are anticipating the song's new charms.

Tablo wrote poetic lyrics with deep meaning, delivering a message with meaning. Tablo showed off lyrics of his own independent color, thus receiving love from the public. It is worth anticipating what kind of image Tablo will show through this cover.

On June 16, Akdong Musician covered the song, and the popular cover gave off different emotions than Taeyang's version because of the rap by Lee Chan Hyuk and the clear voice of Lee Soo Hyun (watch here). People are expecting Tablo to show a version that is only his, adding to the popularity of "Eyes, Nose, Lips."

Taeyang himself participated in writing the lyrics for "Eyes, Nose, Lips." It is a slow R&B song that plays to the strength of Taeyang's vocals, and despite being the fourth week since its release, the song is still receiving a hot response. After the song was released, it swept the real-time, daily and weekly charts, and even charted at 112th on the Billboard 200 chart. The song has garnered six trophies on the music shows so far.

The video of Tablo's version of "Eyes, Nose, Lips" will be released on June 25 at 9 PM.


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