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"Trot Lovers" Reveals the 24 Hour Day of Ji Hyun Woo

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"Trot Lovers" revealed the 24 hour day of top star Ji Hyun Woo.

"Trot Lovers" is the upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama on KBS, and on June 22, it disclosed the top-star-esque day of Jang Joon Hyun, played by Ji Hyun Woo.

Whereas on one hand Ji Hyun Woo is striking a pose fitting of a genius musician while appearing at a music broadcast, he realistically shows the appearance of a top star cognizant of his fans as he pries himself away from his fans as they surround him during a marathon.

On the other hand, Ji Hyun Woo is at a club at night dancing while drunk, but wakes up the next day holding stockings in his hand with a perplexed look on his face. Jang Joon Hyun's covert yet frank private life is causing viewers to wonder how it actually is, leading to more excitement for the drama.

Ji Hyun Woo will be showing off a perfect transformation into a top star that is just as arrogant and full of bluffs as he is talented, and the excitement is surging to see how Ji Hyun Woo will portray that throughout the drama.

A representative of "Trot Lovers" relayed that "Ji Hyun Woo is a talented actor with exceptional analytical skills. I am anticipating seeing Ji Hyun Woo naturally assimilate into his role of Jang Joon Hyun and show the viewers ample joy."

"Trot Lovers" airs its first episode on June 26 at 10 PM, and aside from Ji Hyun Woo, A Pink's Jung Eunji and actor Shin Sung Rok star in the drama.


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