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OST Concert for "Man from the Stars" Will Be Held in China

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An OST Concert for SBS’s popular drama, “Man From the Stars” will be held in 10 cities in China later this year.

On June 4, a staff of the concert explained that, “We are planning on doing the China OST concert for two months during September and October.”

One official involved with this concert explained that, “SBS, HB Entertainment and a Chinese company recently agreed to hold this concert. They will officially sign the contract on June 10 at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza where the exhibition of the set of ‘Man From the Stars’ will be held." 

According to the official, the “Man From the Stars” China OST concert will be held in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other cities and a total of 10 shows will be held. Currently, the location of where the concert will be held is in discussion.

Although the exact amount hasn’t been revealed, it is predicted that the amount of the contract is enormous. During mid-June, Groove Entertainment held a joint OST concert and about 100 billion won (approximately $97,700,000.00) was spent. The OST concert for “Man From the Stars” will be the same size, if not, bigger.

The OST for the drama was as popular as the drama overseas. Songs such as “Every Moment of Yours” by Sung Si Kyung, which was played during the kiss scene between Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun was popular. Other songs such as, “Goodbye” by Hyorin, “Tears Like Today” by Huh Gak, “My Destiny” by Lyn have all been placed high on the music chart. This OST has been recorded as the most sold OST and Loen Entertainment made one billion won (approximately $977,000.00) from this album alone.

About five singers will be performing at the concert. Currently, Lyn, Younha, and Just have confirmed that they will be performing at the concert. Sung Shi Kyung, Huh Gak and SISTAR’s Hyorin are rescheduling their activities in Korea so that they can attend this concert.

According to one official, they said, “Lyn and Younha are singers that aren’t well-known in the Chinese entertainment industry. They will be active in China as this concert will be the first step they will take to enter into this industry.”

The appearance of the main characters of “Man From the Stars,” Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, is unknown. One official said, “We haven’t discussed in detail regarding the appearance of the actors at the concert. We are planning on contacting the agency regarding this matter.”

On a Chinese video website, the views of “Man From the Stars” is over 3.7 billion. Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun and other actors within the drama made about 50 billion won (approximately $48,850,000.00) through this drama and the clothes and accessories that the actors wore are popular as well.

Along with the OST concert that will be held in China, there will also be a concert in Korea as well.

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