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Seo In Guk Transforms into a Charismatic Hockey Player In "High School King"

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tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama, “High School King,” revealed stills of the filming set. This exciting new drama will blow away the intense heat this summer.

“High School King” is a story about an immature high school student who suddenly works for a big company. Each episode will show comedic office situations and is currently set to air after “A Witch’s Romance.”

Seo In Guk will be playing the role of Lee Min Suk, who is an ice hockey player for his high school. In the revealed stills, Seo In Guk transformed into a manly hockey player and his charismatic charms were shown when he stood in the rink.

Unlike the innocent role he played in “Reply 1997,” he showed a different side of himself through the way he played roughly on the ice rink and the way he suppressed his opponents through this glare. One of the fun points of this drama is the exhilarating competition that will occur on the cool ice rink.

For this drama, Seo In Guk met with the “Hockey Fairy,” Ahn Geun Young and the Kwangwoon University hockey team and received special training for two months.

The production staff of “High School King” revealed the atmosphere of the set by saying, “Seo In Guk likes to exercise so there wasn’t a big difficulty during filming, however, I’m sure he’s really tired physically from wearing the heavy hockey uniform and continuously filming for two days. In order to portray an active high school student, his acting wasn’t lacking at all and we were able to continuously film with a lively atmosphere. Through it, we were able to get satisfactory cuts and we plan to make this drama a refreshing one for the viewers.”

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