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How are VIXX Members as "Acting Idols" so Far?

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For the past six months, the members of VIXX have been busy with solo activities. The popular solo activity choice for the group  is acting, with three VIXX members channeling their inner actors.

The group's leader, N, started acting through the MBC drama "Hotel King," while Hong Bin starred in the SBS drama "Glorious Day." Leo, on the other hand, went the musical route and acted in the recently concluded "Full House."

Although they are still greenhorns in the acting field, these three members of VIXX take their plunge into acting seriously.

"I thought my hands and feet were going numb when I monitored my first episode," said Hong Bin, who was awkward at acting in a drama at first.


"Although it was awkward to keep up with people whom I first met, I think acting is a fun job. I am learning a lot from the seniors who I work with. I think acting is a phase now for me," Hong Bin added.

When asked whether he got any advice from his senior and co-labelmate Seo In Gook who also started acting first, he said, "He told me that acting is something that you learn on location."

N also had sparkles in his eyes as he mentioned about acting in "Hotel King" wherein he is learning a lot from his seniors Park Chul Min and Lee Dong Wook. "I was shaking so much during the first reading. I'm not really the nervous type but while I was holding the script, I trembled," N said.


"Park Chul Min and Lee Dong Wook taught me well to the point that the director said, 'I'm worried that Park Chul Min taught you a lot of adlibs.' I'm having a lot of fun shooting while learning from them," the VIXX leader added.

Leo, on the other hand, chose to take a role in a musical for his first acting challenge. "I experienced a new world through acting in a musical," he said. "It's just now that I knew that there's a lot of acting involved in a musical. The moment I knew that, the musical genre truly became a new challenge for me," Leo added.

Leo Vixx

"Because the senior actors in the musical taught me well and helped me, I'm now happy when doing musicals. I think I've gotten a big sense of accomplishment whenever I finish each scene on stage," said Leo.

Hong Bin, N, and Leo--the three members of VIXX--are slowly walking their paths toward finding themselves as actors. The three are currently gaining attention as the next generation idol actors of the industry.

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