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Taeyang Shares Thoughts on the K-Pop Scene, Idols and Artists, and His First Love

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K-Pop fans, you have another website to bookmark! Renowned K-Pop writer Jaeki Cho recently started up his own venture specializing in Korean entertainment and culture. It's called Noonchi.us and it's starting off with a bang... a big bang, that is! (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) The one and only Taeyang granted an exclusive interview to commemorate the release of his newest album, "RISE." Those of you expecting some fluff promotional piece should give it another look. In the interview, Taeyang reveals the following:

Even though he's one of the most successful K-Pop artists ever, he's not quite sure why people like it.

"Why? Why do people like K-pop? I’m curious. Baffled. Amazed."

He thinks the success of K-Pop has provided great opportunities, but certain entertainment agencies are in it for the wrong reasons.

"I’m talking about those who are overseeing entertainment companies and pretty much directing these idols. Many of them are using this opportunity to make money. And I hate that. But do idols realize it? I think they’re just happy because they’re popular... A lot of so-called idols partake in this created movement without really knowing what it is. It's unfortunate. If it doesn’t come from a genuine place, people are going to check you. It's too bad. Because there are so many great artists in Korea who make great music, but those people don’t get the recognition as much as others that are using the genre as a moneymaking tool."

... but not his own agency!

"I feel like YG doesn’t really give into the standardized norm of how K-pop labels operate. They don't send us out to random music festivals. In that regard, I really love my company."

He and GD weren't initially thrilled about the idea of debuting in a boy band.

"I probably shared the same sentiment that Ji-yong [G-Dragon] had. I wasn’t too fond of it. I was a little annoyed. I wasn't upset because we were debuting as a group, but it was more so skepticism on whether or not we’ll be doing music that’s too pop-friendly."

His first love might have been his biggest.

"Even now, when I’m sick, or in pain, or tired, I still see her in my dream. It’s a long story of how we broke up. It’s not that I can’t let her go. I still think about her, and I'm not sure if I could meet someone like her, again."

As much as he loves being a solo artist, he also cares a great deal about his fellow Big Bang members.

[After the release of "Alive"] "Just thinking about my teammates, and the stuff they had to go through, and seeing how great the album is, I cried a bit."

Of course, it's not all soundbites and nothing else. Taeyang talks about his artistic journey, from his early days at YG to his current status as one of Korea's most famous R&B musicians. We definitely get a sense that Taeyang is definitely "in it for the right reasons." There's a lot more to read, so definitely check out the interview!

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