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Just How Tall Is "Triangle's" Baek Jin Hee?

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Recently, actress Lee Yoon Mi, who’s currently in MBC’s “Triangle,” revealed a picture she took with actress Baek Jin Hee. The picture showed Lee Yoon Mi’s tall figure while embarrassing Baek Jin Hee for her height.

On June 3, Lee Yoon Mi uploaded the picture on her Twitter along with a message that said, “Jin Hee sorry for not being able to protect you~ Filming these days is really fun because the atmosphere of the set is really good~ Let’s take a ‘Madam Jang, sorry for not being able to protect you~!' With the cute Jin Hee and Seok chun^^ Please love ‘Triangle’ a lot!”

The three actors are on the set of “Triangle” and Baek Jin Hee and Hong Seok Chun are seen having the same height as Lee Yoon Mi. These cute pictures showed how close they were.

However, it is revealed in another picture that Baek Jin Hee has to stand on a wooden box to match the height of the others. 

hong seok chun, baek jin hee, lee yoon mi_triangle

hong seok chun, baek jin hee, lee yoon mi_triangle (1)

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