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Taeyang Admits Having Conflicts with YG's Yang Hyun Suk During Album Production

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At the press conference for his second full album, "Rise," held today, June 2, at CGV Cheongdam, BIGBANG'Taeyang confessed that he had some conflict with YG's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, while working on his album.

"When I first planned on making an album, my goal was to make an album that I can be satisfied with," the singer opened up.

"However, as I was making the album, I had many obsessions. I had the tendency to go deep into the sound and feel of my music. I continuously worried about it and later came to realize that the music that can move people is the one that I convey with sincerity," Taeyang said.

"That's why the album was delayed a lot. When I kept on being stuck with just one (musical) color, I had the tendency to fill up the album with only that color so I had a lot of conflict with President Yang Hyun Suk," Taeyang further explained. "However, I think because of those times, I was able to improve my music even more," he added.

"This is an album that took a while before it came out, so I wanted to make it good for anyone who listens to it. More than my own preference, I thought it was right to fill it up with music that more people can enjoy and like so I picked out nine songs," Taeyang said about how he came up with the tracks.

The digital track and music video for "Eyes, Nose, Lips," the title song of Taeyang's 2nd full album, will be released at midnight of June 2.


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