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Kara Members Urge Supporters to "Trust" Them at Fanmeeting

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Girl group Kara held a fanmeeting event called “2014 Join Us! Kamilia Adventure” in front of an audience of 15,000 supporters on June 1.

Leader Gyuri told the audience, "It has been a long time. So many things have happened since we last met, but we thought it would be for the best if we met our fans and spoke to you directly. All we really want to ask is that you please trust us. We will do our very best not to do any harm to anyone.”

This speech was met by a huge cheer and a round of applause from the crowd. The audience was also rapturous when the group performed their energetic hit “Step.”

KARA  fanmeeting 2

Gyuri's speech hinted at some of the difficulties which Kara has faced as a group in the past few months. Following the departure of former members Nicole and Jiyoung earlier this year, DSP Entertainment, the agency which represents Kara, has announced it will be recruiting new members. It has launched a reality show entitled “Kara Project,” in an effort to do so. However, this has been met with resistance by many members of the Kara official fanclub, Kamilia, who say they disapprove with the move.

The group went ahead with the event as a trio, performing songs and speaking to the assembled fans. 

Each of the three girls also sang individually, too. One of the highlights was Seungyeon’s performance of a song from the soundtrack of “Her Lovely Heels,” a TV drama in which she starred.

“Kara Project” airs at 6pm on Tuesdays on MBC Music, and Kara is scheduled to make a comeback sometime in August.

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