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Sweet Sorrow Unveils Two Heartwarming MVs for "For Lovers Only" Mini Album

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Four men vocal group Sweet Sorrow has released their mini album, “For Lovers Only,” as well as the music videos for album track "Wonderful Day" and title track "Pounding Heart."

“For Lovers Only” contains five tracks, including the pre-released “Beautiful.” The title track, “Pounding Heart,” is composed, written, and produced by member Kim Young Woo. The song is arranged by Kim Ji Soo, who has worked as Busker Busker‘s producer and as a drama music director. 

The album also includes songs composed and written by the other members, Sung Jin hwan, In Ho Jin, and Song Woo Jin.

The band is also set to play a series of concerts called “Harmony” beginning on July 3, to July 20, at Ewha University’s Samsung Hall.

Here is the music video for "Pounding Heart." It's a simple but sweet animated music video.


Here is the music video for "Wonderful Day" which features the members in hilarious situations and generally having a lot of fun.

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