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JinuSean's Sean to Cycle for 24 Hours and Donate 100 Million Won

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JinuSean's Sean is at it again with his philanthropic acts as the rapper prepares to go on a cross-country course for the construction of a children's rehabilitation hospital. On June 6, the rapper will start from Busan and cycle 430 km to Seoul within the time frame of 24 hours. Afterwards, Sean plans to donate 100 million won (~ 97809 USD) to the Purme Foundation. Through the donation, Sean hopes to help construct a rehabilitation hospital for children who have inadequate access to medical treatments. Back in February, Sean had already donated 100 million won to the Purme Foundation; he is currently listed as the campaign ambassador along with his actress wife Jung Hye Young.


In the past, Sean has been active in his efforts to create a children's rehabilitation hospital as he planned such events as the "Miracles of a Manwon" in which fellow YG Family artists contributed in the campaign. From marathons to charity concerts, Sean has seen participating in numerous events in order to achieve the construction and formation of the hospital. Besides his active role in the creation of the children's rehabilitation hospital, Sean is also the co-leader of the "Seung Il Hope Foundation" which currently is in works to create a Lou Gehrig's Disease treatment hospital.


We hope that Sean will have a safe cross-country cycling tour! The rapper will start at 12 AM (KST) on June 6, and will hope to arrive at his final destination by 12 AM (KST) on June 7.

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