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Jo Sung Mo Can't Escape His Past as He Recreates His Famous CF on SNL

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Singer Jo Sung Mo can't seem to escape his past as the singer recently recreated the famous Japanese apricot drink CF that had caused a craze 15 years ago. On May 24, Jo Sung Mo hosted "SNL Korea," stirring much laughter through his acts and scenes that differed from his usual calm image. However, what was most anticipated from this episode was the highly awaited CF parody that had been previewed in the past weeks. 


Back in 1999, Jo Sung Mo became the celebrity image for a Japanese apricot drink. The commercial that the singer had filmed caused a craze where the sales for the drink sky rocketed while the singer became intertwined with the image of Japanese apricots. 15 years later, Jo Sung Mo's hilarious parody has many laughing and remembering the time when people flocked to the markets to purchase the drink. Besides the popularity of the parody, the same apricot drink seemed to have also regained attention as many have commented that the drink had been sold out in their local markets after the broadcast of "SNL Korea."

jo sung mo cf 2

Furthermore, through the rising buzz over the singer's parody CF, Jo Sung Mo has also received special offers from two different Japanese apricot product companies to become their products' celebrity model. With one of the companies being the same Japanese apricot drink company that the singer had modeled for 15 years ago, many are wondering if Jo Sung Mo will reunite with the same company or sponsor a different company. 


Whatever the decision of the singer may be, Jo Sung Mo's recent parody made it clear that the singer would never be able to get rid of his image as the prince of Japanese apricot which had started 15 years ago. Watch the parody and the original CF below!

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Original CF

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