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"The Joseon Gunman" Reveals Still Cuts of Nam Sang Mi

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"The Joseon Gunman" revealed still cuts of the heroine Nam Sang Mi, revealing the charms of the "Flower Maiden."

Nam Sang Mi plays the role of the heroine Jung Soo In in the upcoming KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama "The Joseon Gunman." Its first episode will air on June 25.

Jung Soo In accepts the Enlightenment Ideology and is a spunky and impudent girl who longs for the new world. She is an adventurous character that transforms into a strong woman who loves the hero.

Nam Sang Mi revealed through the production company "I received the offer to appear in "The Joseon Gunman" and while reading the script, I thought that Soo In resembled me in a lot of ways. After deciding to appear in the drama, there was no need for me to be worried. An actor undergoes various transformations, and I had the conviction that this was an opportunity for me to upgrade my ability." Nam Sang Mi's statement shows her strong affection towards this drama.

Nam Sang Mi spoke about her character, revealing "Jung Soo In is a very knowledgeable and talented noble maiden, but she is a forward thinker. During the enlightenment period, she has a lot of curiosity about the new world, so she does this different actions that are out of the ordinary."

She continued "If we go by my image that I have built up until now, I would have been cast as a totally different character," proclaiming that this is her grand acting transformation.

Nam Sang Mi added to the anticipation by stating "I am very worried about Jung Soo In's growth. She meets Park Yoon Gang (Lee Jun Ki) and falls in love with him, but through enduring this turbulent enlightenment period together, Jung Soo In grows into a powerful woman. She goes through a process of many transformations as she goes from being a girl to a heroine."

It is rumored that the production company is very satisfied with Nam Sang Mi, who lays out all of her enthusiasm for her character.

A representative of the production company relayed "She has completely become Jung Soo In when her eyes light up full of curiosity and when she steadily reads her lines with her small mouth. Nam Sang Mi and Jung Soo In are just like Decalcomania."

"The Joseon Gunman" is a drama that depicts the process of Joseon's last swordsman growing as this generation's hero as a gunman. It bills itself as an "emotional action-romance" which depicts a love story that will evoke tears.




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